Map Updates Currently Available

What version navigation update is currently available for purchase from my Lexus dealer?

Version 16.1 is the newest map update available for purchase from your Lexus dealer for any Lexus vehicle using GEN4 and higher hardware. It was released Fall 2016. (Note: Map updates for vehicles using GEN5 hardware will not be released until late 2016.)

The final map update for vehicles using GEN2/3 hardware is v13.1 which was released Fall 2013. The final update for vehicles using GEN4 hardware is v15.1 which was released Fall 2015.

Please see the “What to Order Tab” if you are unsure with which generation of navigation hardware your vehicle is equipped.

Where can I purchase a navigation update for my Lexus vehicle?

Please contact your Lexus dealer to purchase a navigation update for your vehicle.

When will the next navigation update be available for purchase from my Lexus dealer?

Version 17.1 will be available in Fall 2017.

How frequently does Lexus release navigation updates?

Lexus releases navigation updates once a year (generally in the fall).

Changes to Map Information

Are Alaska and Hawaii included in Lexus’ map data?

Hawaii is included in the GEN5, GEN6, GEN7 and GEN8 Version 16.1 update. Alaska is included in the GEN6, GEN7, GEN8 and GEN9 Version 16.1 update.

What information has been changed in my area?

Due to numerous changes throughout the United States and portions of Canada is it not possible to identify every improvement. Please refer to the Release Notes, Map Content and Map Information section of this website to review changes made from the prior version.

What is the general cut-off time frame for each calendar year’s update?

Input for the following release in the fall is generally closed in September of the prior calendar year. For example, the information to be included on the Ver. 16.1 updates was closed in September 2015. This is necessary to allow sufficient time to verify the accuracy of data to be provided on the update.

How do I know what changed from Version 15.1 to Version 16.1 so I know if it makes sense for me to purchase the update?

The Navigation Release Notes provide information on changes from Version 15.1 to Version 16.1. Be sure to select the link that corresponds to the hardware in your system (GEN5, GEN6, etc.). Additional information on the v16.1 update may be found in the “Map Content” tab.

Which Update to Purchase

How do I know what hardware (GEN) my vehicle has so I am sure to purchase the correct update?

Select the “What to Order” tab in this website. Lexus vehicles and the applicable map update will be listed by navigation GEN (hardware used by your vehicle).

What does GEN mean?

The term “GEN” refers to the hardware in your vehicle. As successive versions of navigation hardware are introduced in Lexus vehicles a new “GEN” is launched. A vehicle’s “GEN” of hardware never changes. For example if your vehicle is a GEN6 vehicle it will always be a GEN6 vehicle.

Cost of Map Updates

Does Lexus provide free map updates?

No, Lexus does not provide free map updates.

How much does a navigation update cost?

The MSRP for the Version 16.1 update (excluding the SD card based version for GEN8 and GEN9 vehicles) is $169 does not include installation or taxes. Note: Prices may vary by dealer.

The MSRP for Version 16.1 SD card based updates for GEN8 and GEN9 vehicles is $210 does not include installation or taxes. Note: Prices may vary by dealer.

Why do I have to pay for navigation updates?

The navigation updates contain not only map data but POI (points of interest) and other information that must be obtained from several sources at a cost to Lexus. Additionally, the data on the DVDs is verified by driving the routes to ensure the most accurate data is made available.

Why does Lexus’ map updates cost as much as some handheld GPS devices?

Lexus sources its map information from more than one supplier. Additionally, Lexus validates the information it obtains for its annual updates. Many suppliers of handheld devices do not go through a validation process.

Maps for Other Countries

Can I get map DVDs for other countries?

The navigation hardware used in other countries is different from that used for Lexus vehicles manufactured for sale in the United States. The DVDs, USB keys and micro SD cards for other countries are not compatible with the hardware in U.S. specification vehicles.

Can my navigation system provide map coverage for Mexico?

Coverage for Mexico is not currently available except for vehicles with GEN8 and GEN9 hardware. Please reference the “What to Order” section of this website for a list of Lexus vehicles using GEN8 and GEN9 hardware.

Reporting Map Errors

How can I report map errors or missing locations?

Please report your feedback using the “Submit Feedback” tab in this website. This information will be forwarded to the map supplier for verification and consideration for the next map update. Please note that Lexus is unable to respond to feedback submitted through this website.

How long does it take for a reported error to be corrected and included in a map update?

Error correction is a matter of timing within the normal map database development process. The time can range anywhere from several months to almost two years.

General Questions

Can I install a navigation update?

Yes, some vehicles are accessible enough for customers to install the update. Your dealership would be best able to advise you if your vehicle is one of those.

Does installation of a navigation update change the way my navigation display looks or operates?

No, a navigation update only updates map and POI (points of interest) information.

Can I install a navigation update from another vehicle manufacturer or mapping system?

No, mapping software from vehicles other than Lexus is not compatible with the Lexus navigation system.

Who provides the map and data content for Lexus’ navigation updates?

Denso works with NAVTEQ, Tele Atlas and InfoUSA to gather information for Lexus’ navigation updates.

Why are some areas not included with the map database?

It is possible that when the map database was authored the information was not available from various private and public agencies.

Is there a monthly service fee associated with the use of the GPS navigation system?

No, no monthly fees are associated with the use of the GPS navigation system as the United States government manages the constellation of global positioning satellites.

A separate fee may be associated for the use of Enform services or apps on properly equipped vehicles.

How does the navigation system work?

Lexus’ navigation system uses signals from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites and in-vehicle sensors which the in-vehicle navigation ECU uses to calculate vehicle location.

Can I play DVD movies or audio CDs with my navigation system?

No, Lexus’ navigation system was not designed to play DVD movies or audio CDs.

How often do I need to purchase a navigation update?

Purchase of a navigation update is optional. Updates provide new map and POI (points of interest) information you may find helpful.